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Enamel Coloured Crystal Glass Wine Set

Product Details

Crafted by craftsmen

This wine glass is perfect for creating the perfect holiday, birthday, anniversary, wedding or any special occasion gift. This wine glass feels natural and comfortable when held, while also allowing the red wine to breathe and enhance the aroma.



  • All the colorful enamels are entirely hand-painted by artists with centennial art heritage.
  • Unique European Style. This wine glasses set is retro, solemn, vintage, elegant, and luxurious, which will improve your lifestyle and artistic accomplishment
  • Made of high-quality lead-free crystal glass, which is very clear and without any impurity and harmful substance.
  • Elegant Gift Item



Product Details


  • Product material: lead-free glass + stainless steel
  • Product color: transparent
  • Product list: 8 pieces set (6 cups, 1 cup holder, 1 decanter)
  • Tips: Due to the process, glass products occasionally contain small bubbles, which is unavoidable, but does not affect the overall beauty and use.
  • Do not use hard objects such as steel balls to avoid scratches.

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